Endurance Height Adjustable Hand Bed Rail with Attached Securing Strap

Bullet 1 - Height Adjustable Hand Bed Rail designed to help users in and out of bed securely and safely
Bullet 2 - Meets national standards for Hand Bed Rails with details to prevent entrapment of users in and around the rail
Bullet 3 - Riveted securing strap attaches to the bed to prevent the rail from moving and pulling away from the bed. Strap includes securing clip with a lock and key to prevent the strap from detaching.
Bullet 4 - Height adjustable to meet the needs of the user and the size of the mattress. Endurance Hand Bed Rails can be used with any mattress that is between 6" and 14"
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  • The Endurance Hand Bed Rail is designed to help users get in and out of bed safely and securely. The bed rail design meets national standards for safety while meeting your needs in the bed room. Each unit includes a securing strap that is riveted to the bed rail and designed to attach the bed to the rail to the bed frame or platform. Rivet helps secure the strap from moving on the rail and slipping away from the bed which can cause entrapment. Also includes a secure clip with lock and key that prevents the clip from un-attaching or anyone from unclipping it unknowingly to the user. Bed Rails are height adjustable to meet your needs and designed to be used with any mattress that is between 6” and 14”. If the mattress is not between these dimensions, then the Endurance Hand Bed Rail should not be purchased. Per national standard, Endurance Hand Bed Rails include attachable bars to prevent entrapment and users getting caught in the rail. Endurance Hand Bed Rails will extend under the mattress and can be used with any bed size from twin to king. It is not to be used on adjustable, toddler, bunk or inflatable beds or with air or water mattresses or when the securing strap cannot be properly attached to the bed frame or securing platform

    Intended use: This Adult Hand bed Rail with Securing Strap is designed to help the user in and out of bed, it is not intended or designed to keep the user confined or restrained or from falling out of bed.




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